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Nearly half of all Americans suffer from neck pain. Neck and back pain is an often chronic condition that can be caused by the unnatural sleeping positions of someone laying on an old mattress with a flat pillow. Flat, lumpy pillows don’t properly support your head while you sleep, resulting in stiffness, pain and headaches. Supportive orthopedic pillows not only prevent this from happening, but work to correct neck pain and the headaches that result. We have a wide selection of ergonomic pillows to choose from so that you can select one that works for you. For the best possible support, you need an orthopedic pillow that matches your unique sleep style.

To further help with back and shoulder pain, we carry massage therapy products so that you can actively combat your stiffness. You don’t have to break the bank for a professional massage in order to feel better. There are dozens of innovative massage therapy devices on the market that you can use yourself to work the knots out of your muscles. Heat therapy and cold therapy are also effective methods to combat chronic and acute pain in all areas of the body. Our hot and cold packs can be easily wrapped around or strapped to the problem area, and all you have to do is sit back and let them work.

In order to prevent strained muscles and other injuries during strenuous activities, it’s important wear the proper support belts. These support belts are necessary accessories for anyone who does a lot of heavy lifting which puts repetitive strain on the muscles. Your back is especially vulnerable to repetitive stress injury, which can cost you thousands of dollars in lost wages and hospital bills. If you have an injury to your wrist, elbow, knee, ankle or other area, or if you perform a lot of repetitive motions with any of these, an extremity support will reduce the strain on your muscles, preventing injuries or speeding up your recovery. At Orthopedic Pillows Unlimited, we want to make sure that pain and unnecessary injuries don’t get in the way of your daily life.

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