Cervalign Pillow

Cervalign Pillow
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Cerv-Align® Orthopedic Pillow Provides Proper Alignment Of The Spine & neck

The uniquely curved neck lobe of the Cerv-Align Pillow provides excellent support, placing your neck in the appropriate position for cervical correction. It  also functions well as a conventional pillow by simply rotating the support lobe away from the neck. The larger section gently cradles your head with down-like comfort. The sides of the pillow help adjust to sleeping on the cervical lobe.Do you ever wish you had a pillow that supports your neck when you sleep on your back?

Or that feels comfortable when you sleep on your side? Ordinary pillows can’t provide you that kind of rest.

The CervAlign Pillow, with a new indented center and a unique curved design, is anything but ordinary. The pillow is designed to match the curve in your neck, thus giving your head proper support. Your head will rest naturally in the pillow’s indented center.

To make sure of a proper fit, the CervAlign Pillow is available in three sizes.

The proper size is determined by a sizing guide, see below to download and print the sizing guide. A proper fit is critical to gain full benefits of the pillow and to help keep your body in alignment. New indented center improves neck support for side sleeping. Curved design allows for shoulder comfort. Available in 3 sizes. Size - 24" x 16" Fill - Cluster fiber Cover - 230 thread-count

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